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COP28: Motoring has ‘huge role’ in tackling climate change

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As world leaders discuss climate change at COP28, we look at how motoring can play an important part in lowering emissions, and the steps we at SOGO Mobility are taking to drive the green transition.

COP28 is the 28th United Nations (UN) Climate Change conference or Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to give it its full title.

Each COP is a chance for leaders from governments, businesses, NGOs and civil society to take stock of progress on the Paris Agreement – the landmark climate treaty concluded in 2015 – and “chart a course of action to dramatically reduce emissions and protect lives and livelihoods”, according to the UN.

COP28 is currently taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, until 12 December 2023.

Transport is the largest emitting sector in the UK, accounting for 34% of carbon dioxide emissions in 2022, according to provisional figures from the Department for Transport.

The UK is tackling transport emissions with a number of measures, including the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2035.

Karl Howkins, managing director of SOGO, says: “COP28 UAE presents a prime opportunity to rethink and refocus the climate agenda.

“We must fully consider all the ways in which climate change can be tackled effectively, and motoring has a huge role to play here.

“Short-term leasing is essential to the mass adoption of electric vehicles before 2035.

“Our goal is to provide the industry’s most sustainable vehicle-based mobility solution, customers want choice, and we’ve got to be able to show them different options.”

SOGO provides a comprehensive range of services to help drivers move to electric vehicles (EVs).

We have expanded our fleet of EVs and offer competitive lease terms from one to 12 months.

We have also partnered with Rightcharge to help drivers identify and install the right charging unit ideally suited to meet their type of usage and budget.

The partnership enables drivers to access government grants, green electricity tariffs, and smart billing options so that EV charging can be split from the drivers’ household bills.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, customers also receive an Electric Juice Network card to access one of the UK’s largest networks of public chargers.

To help businesses transition to a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) fleet cost-effectively and efficiently, we perform a thorough audit of a company’s goals and the current fleet’s usage patterns and suitability for ZEVs, based on telematics data.

The solution allows companies to see the full range of costs involved in transitioning, the types of vehicles needed, the infrastructure requirements, and a smooth transition plan designed especially for them, ensuring that operations are not disrupted during the transition to a zero-emission fleet.

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