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London’s ULEZ Expansion

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The ULEZ is designed to tackle air pollution in London, so it’s no surprise that older, higher-emitting vehicles have to pay. According to the mayor, Sadiq Khan, five million more people will gain from cleaner air thanks to the expanded ULEZ.

To enter the zone without paying the charge, petrol cars and vans need to meet certain Euro emission standards, which set limits for air polluting Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) from engines.

The current standard is Euro 4 (NOx) for petrol cars and vans, while diesel cars and vans must be at least Euro 6 (NOx and PM).

You can find out more information about ULEZ ULEZ Expansion 2023 – Transport for London (

Taken from: A guide to the Ultra Low Emission Zone operating across all London boroughs. The Ultra Low Emission Zone has now expanded across all London boroughs (

If you’re unsure if your vehicle is compliant, you can check your vehicle log book (V5C), which should list the Euro emission standards, if it’s a newer model. You can also look up your vehicle registration on the Transport for London (TfL) website.

Pre-Euro 6 diesel cars and vans are generally those registered before September 2015 (or 2016 for larger vans), and pre-Euro 4 petrol cars and vans are usually those registered before 2006.

With the exception of Christmas Day, the ULEZ runs around the clock throughout all of the boroughs of London up to the present Low Emission Zone boundaries.

If your vehicle doesn’t meet the emissions standards and you do not pay the correct daily charge, you could be issued a penalty charge notice (PCN) of £180 (£90 if paid within 14 days).

Bear in mind that if you also enter the Congestion Charge zone in central London with a non-compliant car  you’ll have to pay a £15 charge on top of the £12.50 ULEZ charge

It’s worth noting that a vehicle scrappage scheme is available for London residents with a vehicle that doesn’t meet the ULEZ emissions standard.

London-based sole traders, microbusinesses (10 or fewer employees), small businesses (under 50 employees) and registered charities can apply to scrap or retrofit up to three vans or minibuses and get an increased grant payment.

There are also temporary exemptions for disabled Londoners and community transport providers.

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