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Meet the team: ESG and Sustainability Manager

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We’ve sat down with our ESG and Sustainability Manager Charlotte, to find out more about her job role and career so far at SOGO.

“I joined the team at SOGO in 2021 after studying Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology at University. I was only looking for a temporary job that I could do to build my CV and gain some real experience. There was a short-term opportunity for a Fine Administrator at SOGO so I decided to give it a go.

4 months later, at the end of the temporary contract, I was offered the opportunity to join the Systems Team as the Digital Marketing Specialist. During my time in this role, I learned a lot. Everything from managing and creating content for social media, testing system integrations, and building new templates and themes for internal and external content. It really helped me to gain a deeper understanding of who SOGO are, and see how different parts of the business integrate with each other from behind the scenes.

Then in September this year, I moved up into my current role as ESG and Sustainability Manager. This really has given me the chance to apply all of the things I’ve picked up from being a member of the Systems Team and SOGO as a whole. I know how important sustainability is for SOGO so I am delighted to be able to help in the green transition for SOGO onward in to 2024 and beyond.”

“Like anything new, it has been a massive learning curve but it has been great. I’m really enjoying investigating different ways that we at SOGO can further reach our environmental and sustainability goals.  I am currently looking at different ways that SOGO can aid the environment and community in our local area, so keep an eye out for updates on our socials for our new activities!”

“No two days for me are ever the same, as there is so much variety in my job. I can do anything from planning photo shoots, to helping fundraisers, to creating reporting and documentation for our ESG policy. The variety also means that I am working with different departments within SOGO, so I am in a unique position to learn more about how the company blends together. All of the team are always supportive and willing to lend me their knowledge and experience which greatly helps me out when I need it.”

“Everyone has been so helpful when it came to my career progression. My line manager and I always have very open discussions about what I want to gain from being at SOGO. More importantly what skills I need to continue to enhance my work with the aim of achieving my career aspirations.  We are also able to set training plans that we can adapt as the workloads change, and my areas of responsibility increase or priorities shift. For me this is an amazing benefit – not only in my current role but any future roles I may progress to.

The support and guidance that everyone here has so generously given has been unmatched as our team has so much experience in the automotive and wider industry. Whenever I have asked for guidance or advice, people have always been willing to help me and share their experiences with me.”

“I would say that it’s more than just vehicles. There are so many different opportunities within the industry that do not just involve selling and maintaining vehicles. Tech, Marketing, and even Sustainability roles are all part of the automotive industry, and all are so rewarding to work in. I’d advise anyone to take a look at the opportunities that are out there.”

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