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Midsummer Place Christmas Tree Festival

Come and find us at the Midsummer Place Christmas Tree Festival 2023.

To bring in some Christmas cheer, this year we have sponsored a tree in the Midsummer Place Christmas Tree Festival. The festival aims to shed light and help raise awareness for different local charities. There are 18 incredible Christmas trees throughout the mall, each decorated by a local organisation in aid of their chosen charity. The best-decorated tree is voted for by the public. The top three trees with the most votes will be rewarded with a portion of the total funds raised, which they can then give to their nominated charities. This means that without costing you a penny, you can help support so many great local charities this festive season.

We have chosen to decorate our tree in aid of Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Foundation, which is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all species of British Wildlife. All species are welcome at the wildlife hospital including: hedgehogs, badgers, deer, owls, wrens, swans, and even toads!

All British wild animal casualties brought into the hospital are treated by a team of trained veterinary nurses and surgeons. The animals are released back into the wild when they are fit to do so. Any animal or bird unable to be released is kept at the hospital in conditions as close to their natural habitats as possible. Every animal is given a chance and euthanasia really is only used as very last resort.

Tiggywinkles has treated over 300,000 patients since its beginnings in 1978 and have been the pioneers in wildlife veterinary, perfecting their techniques for taking care of injured wildlife. All treatment for the animals is free at the hospital, relying on donations from the public.

We understand how important British wildlife is to our ecosystems but recognise that our wildlife is in danger. Since the 1970s, 56% of wildlife species in the UK have declined and continue to do so today (WWF-UK, 2023; Gentle, 2019). There are many reasons for the decline including climate change, plastic pollution, and pesticides.

Tiggywinkles is helping to replenish our British wildlife by treating, rehabilitating, and realising wildlife. The Wildlife Foundation receives no additional funding, relying solely on donations to do the work they do. Our British wildlife is incredibly important to us, and we wanted to help shed light and support a charity that works so hard to help. By sponsoring a tree in the festival we are able to do just that.

In our design of our tree, we wanted to showcase some of the wonderful wildlife that we have within the UK and give a salute to our chosen charity. So throughout our tree you will be able to find cuddly toy replicas of foxes, deer, badgers, bats, hedgehogs, and pine martens. Each toy represents an animal that is part of our wildlife, and each one is made from recycled bottles!

We also couldn’t decorate a tree dedicated to wildlife without adding in some foliage, so we have dotted frosted holly berries and pine cones all around our tree too.

To finish it off, we have added small, hand-painted, green and purple cars for SOGO!

But we need your help to bring home the title of best tree and win the prize money for this fantastic charity! Please vote for our tree before the 24th of December. You can do so here: