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SOGO Launches Carbon-Neutral Leasing

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SOGO is helping customers to run greener fleets to support their carbon reduction goals on the road to net-zero.

We are providing a range of services to help drivers make a move to electric vehicles (EVs) – driving the green motoring transition. We have just expanded our fleet of EVs with competitive, flexible lease terms from one to 12 months.

We are offering a carbon-neutral fleet across petrol, diesel and EVs by teaming up with energy giant BP as a major participant in its Target Neutral programme, which helps fleet customers measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. This is a first for the UK vehicle leasing and rental industry.

We have also partnered with Rightcharge to help drivers identify and install the right charging unit for their type of usage and budget. Our Rightcharge partnership allows our customers access government grants and green electricity tariffs, along with smart billing options that enable EV charging to be split from your household bill to make reimbursement for company car mileage easier.

Customers will also be provided with an Electric Juice Network card to access one of the UK’s largest network of public chargers. Karl Howkins, managing director of SOGO, said:

“We aim to lead the industry in providing greener mobility solutions for companies that are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. We have developed a comprehensive range of services that makes it easier than ever to move to an electric vehicle, and for occasions when an EV isn’t viable, we have everything from LCVs to SUVs available on ultra-flexible terms.

Our participation in BP Target Neutral enables us to guarantee all our vehicles are carbon neutral. For both private and fleet customers looking to make greener choices with unrivalled flexibility, SOGO is the partner of choice.”

National consumer research conducted by SOGO shows over half of motorists (52%) believe that electric car ownership is out of their price range despite a third (30%) wanting to own one within the next five years. Karl Howkins concluded:

“I believe that short-term leasing will be essential to the mass adoption of electric vehicles before 2030 when sales of all new cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will be banned. Electric car sales are predicted to continue to grow as the Government’s 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars approaches.”